Reasearch & Development
 At Zoetic Ayurvedics, scientists are
 unraveling the secrets of health and
 disease. We bring to this endeavor not
 only our wide-ranging talents but also
 the resources of a company devoted to
 the scientific enterprise.

 Zoetic has a well-defined Research and Development policy.  It states that no investment is too much when it comes

to scientifically creating safe drugs and therapies. Zoetic’s history is one of innovation through research. The company believes that the ideal healthcare system lies in the synergy between Ayurveda and modern science. Zoetic constant endeavor is to create innovative products that satisfy the health and personal care requirements of contemporary living.

Our efforts are fuelled by a sense of urgency and by the realization that the highest purpose of our work is to help people around the world “Do More, Feel Better and Live Longer”. We strive to make “Zoetic” a magnet for others who share this purpose, whether as employees or as collaborators in industry, academe and government. We believe that the strength of our combined efforts will lead to the solutions we seek for patients everywhere.

Zoetic have taken the opportunity afforded by this important time in the history of science to look at the whole R&D enterprise a new-to build an R&D organization equal to the challenges and the opportunities of the early 21st century. Zoetic prides itself on being a completely research-oriented company. Indeed, it is this emphasis on R&D that allows Zoetic to produce safe, efficacious and consistent remedies using ayurvedic principles.

The R&D department is focused on product development, quality control and standardization. All products are derived through rigorous research and produced in state-of-the art facilities. Each Zoetic Ayurvedics product undergoes years of primary research and clinical trials before it reaches the market.

Our R&D organization seeks to combine the advantages of size and speed. In the early stages of the research enterprise, “Zoetic” possesses the size required to hunt for common-man-need-drugs, targets by exploring the human genome and then to screen upwards of a million compounds against these targets in search of drug candidates. In the later or future stages as well, the Zoetic takes advantage of its size to conduct large, late-stage clinical trials around the world. Working closely with the clinical groups, situated within the organizational fabric of R&D, regulatory-affairs and marketing staff, which ensures that development efforts directly address to the requirements of regulatory bodies and the needs of medical professionals and their patients.  

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