Technical Abilities

     Zoetic Research Activities ongoing     


  • Establishing bonafides of herbal materials through morphological and microscopic studies
  • Maintaining herbarium of phyto-medical materials

      Formulation and Development

  • Pre-formulation studies to check the biochemical action of ingredients
  • Trials to assess safety and efficacy of formulations
  • Accelerated stability trials to check physical, chemical, microbiological and biological aspects of formulations
  • Standardize processes for uniform quality
  • Transfer of technology to the production department


  • Studying the mechanism of drug action at a molecular level
  • Attempt to understand the endogenous mediators involved in the activity
  • Develop immuno-protective agents to counter opportunistic infections in AIDS, carcinogenic malignancy, septic shock, organ transplantation and chronic infections
  • Substitute work with in vitro (in the laboratory) cell line models for in vivo
    (in the body) experiments
      Clinical Research
  • Study of Oligex Capsule on male spermatogenesis
  • Study of double blind clinical evaluation of Actiurt Tablets on pregnant woman
  • Study of Oligex Capsule in case of Azoospermia
  • Study of effect of Navjeevan Capsule on nervine debility
  • Study of effect of Bacnil Capsule on Typhoid & UTI infections
  • Study of evaluation of Zoecardin on Atherosclerosis
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